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About us.



My Global Recruiter, Lda. (MGR) was created in January, 2013. Its office is located in Braga, Portugal. A small company with a clear vision, MGR aims to respond to both the specifics needs of employers looking for foreign workers in countries hit by labour shortages and skilled, motivated, English-speaking job seekers searching for alternatives abroad.

The people who work at MGR are dual citizens of Canada and Portugal (Luso-Canadians) and fully bi-lingual. The company manager has a Master´s degree in HRM at one the finest universities in Portugal and almost two decades of experience in people management, career and vocational counseling, training and professional certification in both the private and public sectors. Assessment of thousands of individuals during his career has resulted in razor sharp people and judgement skills.

Although capable and willing to cater to the needs of employers based in any part of the world, MGR is at present focused on responding to the needs of Canadian employers particularly those operating in the construction, restaurant and food, manufacturing and industry sectors.

MGR is also committed in finding opportunities for employed and unemployed individuals with the set of skills, personal and professional profiles as well as the experience it takes to succeed in the competitive and demanding global work market.

We are fully aware the success of any recruitment process (and are own success as well) hinges on creating a near perfect match between employer and worker needs, expectations and desires.

Our aim is to excel at matchmaking in the world of work.